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Live a Vibrant, 
Conscious Life

Palm Trees

Healing through Awareness

Take this opportunity to upgrade your health, and live a vibrant conscious life. Kundalini Living provides healing for you through awakening your awareness. These sessions give you the opportunity to change old habits and empower yourself using my tailored offerings including Kundalini Yoga, Counselling, Kinesiology and Meditation techniques.

Feel heard, feel empowered.

As you've arrived here, take a moment to slow your breath and really consider, what is it that you're needing right now? 

How often do you really feel heard, seen, and feel your whole self lifted with vibrancy?

If you answer is anything like - not enough! - then maybe you're looking to release stress, understand your situation more deeply, and gain insight into your patterns?

Perhaps you're feeling the need for some emotional or spiritual guidance, or some tools to help you manage your state of health & wellness, and move your life in a positive direction..


Have a read of my services below and choose what suits your needs best.

I'd love to help you find your way back home to yourself.

Image by John Fowler

Holistic Kinesiology

Integrated Energy & Emotional Healing

An integrated approach to healing, using muscle testing to access body awareness and help unlock deeper context into presenting issues. Combining counselling, flower essences, acupoints, energy healing, & more, my practice allows space for the emotional and energetic layers of complex issues to resolve and clear. Utilise this technique to help you to move forward with awareness and clarity.


"Margot is a skillful kinesiologist who has helped me shift some heavy child hood trauma on many different levels. Accessing counselling with a psychologist had limited results, and my sessions with Margot have been pivotal in my recovery from childhood sexual abuse.


Margot is a gift to the Darwin community who are ready to live a life free from emotional burdens. I highly recommend her as a kinesiologist."

B. Porter

"I began one on one classes with Margot after attending one of her mantra workshops. It was a time of vulnerability and change in my life and Margot instantly made me feel safe and grounded as she guided me though many kriyas, specifically designed for my needs.


Her passion and dedication to kundalini yoga has been inspirational and encouraged me to develop a daily practice of my own. Thanks to Margot I continue to uncover my potential with compassion and grace through Kundalini yoga.


If you are in need of some abundance and prosperity in your life, I highly recommend Margot’s classes."

D. Archbold

“Margot is just such a beautiful teacher. I have loved being in her workshops and classes and have gained so much value from her methods and guidance. As a newcomer to Kundalini Yoga I found it so easy & enjoyable to fit in with the classes under Margot’s guidance. Margot ignited a desire in me to keep up with this practice and the benefits of that have been simply amazing."

C. Turton

“Kundalini Yoga can be confronting for the uninitiated – for the new student.  The private chanting lessons I had with Margot built confidence in me, and also provided me with valuable insights into the philosophy. 


My sessions with Margot provided some skills and a resilience that I have since drawn on, particularly through a recent major surgery requiring extended time in hospital.  I would recommend her as a strong, thoughtful teacher – with an extraordinary amount of wisdom.”


J. Abbot
Noosa, Queensland


Online & in person appointments.

Adelaide, SA


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