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About Me

My journey to here...

 As a naturally empathetic and energetically sensitive person, Margot's journey of self discovery has propelled her into a dedicated path of providing assistance for other's health and wellbeing. Her warm approach allows understanding for the challenges many people face on a day to day basis.

From a young age, Margot was a seeker of deeper understanding and attunement into the subtleties of life, coupled with pushes to dig deeper and find resilience along the way. First enquiring as a teenager to understand a complex & sometimes intense dream life, Margot sought out books, and began to understand the language of the 'subtle,' and subconscious symbols we emotionally hold to. 

 As a young adult Margot experienced a range of self esteem, digestion, and postural issues. Combined with hay fever, unhealthy relationships and drinking alcohol to cope,. Margot found her coping mechanisms started to wear thin, and through a time of realisation sought deeper change, and meaning in life. Her soul was seeking freedom!


Discovering Holistic Kinesiology, Margot found a whole approach to health and healing, providing learnings in muscle testing, the Chinese medicine meridian system, and energetic tools. Shortly afterwards being introduced to Kundalini Yoga, and immediately feeling the difference in body, and mindset, Margot took up a daily practice. It was here that Margot fell in love with mantra & sound as a powerful tools for calming the mind and body. 


Today Margot offers combined services of Kinesiology, Counselling, and Kundalini Yoga. She practices 

yoga and meditation daily, and keeps active with crossfit and being in nature. Through a journey of self enquiry and persistence, Margot integrated holistic skills to build confidence, vitality & inner clarity, and utilises these to assist in empowering others to find their balance too.

Having taught locally and overseas, Margot facilitates workshops that make holistic health accessible for everyone. Her consults provide a warm, and nurturing environment for you to practice & feel safe in.  

Qualifications include Dip. Counselling, Adv Dip. Health Science in Holistic Kinesiology, Kundalini Yoga Level 1 and 2 Teacher Trainings. Registered member of ACA. 

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