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Embracing now and redirecting exhaustion.

Sometimes there's a reason things don't work out the way we had planned.

Bloom from where you're at...

FACT ~ Energy spent on worrying and stressing is exhausting. Personally I have exhausted myself many times over in the past, over things that hadn't happened yet, didn't end up happening at all, or may not have been in my control in the first place. I've had to learn that there's so much more potential to grow, and even BLOOM from where you're at now.

When we work with what we can control, in the realm of our skillset, we often feel bigger wins, and a greater sense of happiness. Trying to push what isn't ours to control, can often end in frustration and creating a cycle of negative thought patterns as to why something didn't work or even self resentment.

EMBRACE what's here ... now

The key is to embrace what's turned up for you here. Even if this isn't what you had wanted, or hoped for. I know this one is hard... but there is an opportunity for you here.

The more you can seize this opportunity and make it yours, the more you'll find beauty and flow in small pieces of joy. Things will ease when you take your attention off what you've been grasping (gripping or clawing) at - which only makes things immovable because you wanted it a certain way. It had to happen the 'perfect' way - but things rarely end up fitting the perfect box, when we don't leave room for nature to take it's course.

Remember to BREATHE

When you look around and think, 'this isn't what I wanted at all..' instead of pushing to control the situation, or trying to create another cycle. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now is your moment to USE FOR YOU. You can redirect your energy back into you, and free up energy for future opportunities. Instead of stepping back into the exhaustion of gripping again, controlling again, and fighting again, try working with what you've got, and what you've been given. Consider this moment as a challenge for you, a learning opportunity, and perhaps something you may even do well with. Go on, take another deep breath, and say 'This wasn't what I wanted, but that's ok. I will be ok. I can try to work with this.'

Sometimes control creates more stress and exhaustion taking our energy away from seeing new opportunities and potential growth. So sometimes those surprises that come up, are really opportunities for new ways to be, grow, and bloom.

Taken from my personal learnings in the world ... as I age, so I grow.



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